The unique 2-step hybrid gel system

Fast dry, long-wearing, high-shine and no lamps
Colour that wears like a gel but removes like a polish

Unparalleled Wear and Removal Time

Double the wear time of a classic manicure by using ORLY EPIX Flexible Color™ and ORLY EPIX Flexible Sealcoat. ORLY EPIX Flexible Color applies, dries and is removed up to 80% faster than a classic or gel manicure.


Simple 2-step Application

Simple two-step Application
In only two steps and without the use of a lamp, you will achieve a super shiny effect that will last for up to 10 days. The application dries in under 8 minutes and cures in natural light. Removal is as easy as removing an ordinary nail polish.

Step 1

Choose from over 36 extended wear shades inspired by current fashion with a selection of sheer, crème and shimmer finishes. Our ORLY EPIX brush has been perfectly crafted for one stroke application, delivering beautiful, smooth and even coverage every time.

ORLY Beauty

Step 2

Apply ORLY EPIX Flexible Sealcoat to create a high-shine manicure which is durable and scratch resistant. The ORLY EPIX Flexible Sealcoat fuses with the ORLY EPIX Flexible Color to create one strong, flexible layer for a durable finish.