Nail Treatments

Get stronger and healthier nails to keep up with your lifestyle with ORLY’s selection of nail repair treatments and strengtheners. ORLY offers speciality nail treatments that are specifically designed to target unique nail care needs. We have a formula to match your every need.

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ORLY Tough Cookie

If you have dry or brittle nails that snap or break easily, ORLY Tough Cookie is the perfect solution for you. This formula will help you grow long, strong nails by strengthening and nourishing the nail structure.

ORLY Nailtrition

Some gels or acrylics can cause nail damage. Give your nails some extra care with ORLY Nailtrition. This formula contains collagen, wheat protein, keratin and bamboo extract aimed at strengthening peeling nails and stimulating healthier, faster nail growth. Try ORLY Nailtrition and you will see remarkable results within 14 days.

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ORLY Nail Armor

Do you have weak or ridged nails? Try ORLY Nail Armor to get the silky and smooth nails you have always wanted. ORLY Nail Armor is a silk fibre nail wrap treatment which strengthens nails and smooths ridges giving you a nail protection to keep up with your modern lifestyle.

ORLY Calcium Shield

ORLY Calcium Shield is perfect for those wanting to build thicker, stronger nails without compromising the natural nail flexibility. Encourage healthy nail growth with ORLY Calcium Shield.

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ORLY FungusMD 2

Help eliminate nasty nail fungus and improve the appearance of the nail. ORLY FungusMD 2 has an hygienic dropper that helps target the source of the problem giving you waste and fuss free application.


ORLY BB Crème works like makeup for your nails by brightening natural nails with a sheer peach tint. ORLY’s award winning BB Crème, as seen in Vogue, was the first of its kind designed specifically for nails. It whitens, brightens, smooths and protects to give your nails an instant makeover. Immediately transform your nails with just two coats of ORLY BB Crème for a natural, healthier glow.

ORLY Beauty

ORLY Color Care BB Crème

Perfect the look of your natural nails with this all-in-one nail cosmetic treatment. Cover imperfections and look forward to flawless nail sheen.