Want longer lasting manicures and pedicures?
Use an ORLY basecoat to extend the life of your nail work
The key to longer lasting wear starts with a smooth, protected nail surface

ORLY Bonder

The #1 Choice of Salons Worldwide
The pros will tell you that great manicures start with ORLY’s Bonder rubberized basecoat. Our hero basecoat Bonder is a firm favourite in most nail tech kits. This award winning formula, dubbed as “double-sided sticky tape”, grips nail polish to the nail surface for long lasting wear of up to two weeks.

Made in L.A
ORLY Beauty

ORLY Top2Bottom

ORLY Top2Bottom is a convenient two-in-one basecoat and topcoat. Start and finish your manicure with this formula – because two uses are always better than one.

ORLY Color Care Polish Bond

Sticks like no other! ORLY Color Care Polish Bond is a rubberised basecoat that grips polish to the nail surface for long lasting colour. Get manicures that last without chipping.

ORLY Color Care Polish Bond
ORLY Color Care Bottom+Top

ORLY Color Care Bottom+Top

Start your manicure with one coat of ORLY Color Care Bottom+Top as your base and finish with another coat as your topcoat. Super shine without the fuss is what you will get with ORLY Color Care Bottom+Top – convenience in a bottle.